Skywatchers is a ministry which, in addition to our weekly meetings, hosts regular outdoor events. These events are meant to be fun outdoor adventures that appeal to all types of people. Whether you're are an avid outdoorsman or have never camped in your life, you will find these events totally enjoyable.

  • Outpost

    Outpost is a weekend trip each district takes twice per year. Once in the Spring and once in the Fall.

    These trips are great for younger boys and fathers!

  • rendezvous 

    Rendezvous is a week-long, summer camping trip where we incorporate some more adventurous activities. We invite some of the best speakers to share from the Bible. Overall, the funnest week of summer!

  • timothy adventure

    Timothy Adventure is a trip for young men. We use liminal experiences to forge friendships that last a lifetime. Timothy Adventures vary in duration and happen once ever four years... so don't miss it!

  • winter quarter

    Winter Quarter is a great time of fellowship that allows you to kick a bit of cabin fever while hiking, hanging around a bonfire, sled riding, playing gaga ball and other outdoor activities. Each year a guest speaker will bring The Word to encourage and edify our boys and men. Bible study and other indoor activities are also available throughout the weekend! 


    Our annual family picnic is a wonderful time for our families to come together and enjoy a day of many activities such as fishing, hiking, kickball, gaga ball, nine square, etc. We also provide a craft area for all ages. Our picnic is utilized as a "kickoff" of sorts for each new season.